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Hello, Welcome to the new version of On the home page we will have notes. The notes will be labeled from old to new and it will change later on. So please comment and subscribe!! Comment and subscribe is on this page as well.

Important Notes-


Old- I did get some comments saying on my older website that it worked great for blogging. Well on this website I will get it to work for blogging, (Page up above) and if not I will most certainly try to the best of my abilities.

Old- and up above on one of the pages it says, "Blog". Yes you can most certainly try to make it work for blogging and  if there is anything to make it better please tell me how to do it in the comment section.

Old- On the home navagation page you will have the abilities to play games, see important notes, subscribe and rate & comment!!

Old- And yes I will be editing this website daily for new stuff!


Old- Whenever you visit this site PLEASE o PLEASE o PLEASE leave a comment so I knwo how my site is doing. Or even just email me at please please. And commenting is on the home page where you are at right now. You can scroll down untill you find the content box that says leave a comment. And no you do not have to have any account whatsoever to comment. You can subscribe to. I love subscribers to. And if you want to become a member to this site you know the requirnments. The requirnments are up above in one of the notes. NNNNEEEWW Requirnment for becoming a member. I have to know you. And the other new requirnment is you have to subscribe. YOU WILL NOT BE A MEMBER IF YOU DON'T SUBSCRIBE. Subscribing on my site just became a whole lot simpler and it is totally free. Nothing on my site costs money.

Old- Instructions on how to subscribe and comment. Commenting. On the home screen (where your at right now) go to the comment box that says leave a comment. Very simple just press post comment. Put your name the rating and the comment on the little box that it provides you. Then simply just press post. It will be on there in a matter of quick miliseconds. Subscribing. It tells you step by step how to do it. But from what I remember is you put your name (NO MADE UP NAMES. YOU CAN ONLY MAKE UP A MADE UP NAME WHEN YOU COMMENT) your email adress, and you have to type it in again where it says verify email adress. When you do those steps just simple press subscribe and then you go to your email click on the link that it sends to your email. When you simply have clicked it a box should come up and say you have succesfully subscribed to jaredsweb. Or it should say something similar to that. So yes they are both very easy to do. To become a member. You know the requirnments I have provided you up in the notes section.

Old- Play presidential paintball! New game added. And remember just subscribe and comment and if you want new games just leave it in the comment box!! 

Old- And don't worry just because it says old up their doesn't mean I deleted anything. And I never will. Ever since I created this website I have never deleted anything.  

DOESNT WORK ANYMORE!!- On the live tv widget. If you click play and it says the required plug-in is not installed. I have a solution. I use explorer and sometimes google chrome and it said the same thing for me. At the top where it says sportal TV click on that and it will bring up a new tab of all the sporting tv channels. Rugby, racing, and a whole lot more options.  

 Old- The LIVE TV widget does not work so I deleted it. So I am trying to find something different besides gaming. But the live tv widget doesnt work anymore. So I still try to get a tv widget but a different brand. It might be a different brand of live tv it might be CNN News(highly doub it.) Comment for your opinion.

 DOESNT WORK ANYMORE- Added FOX SPORTS!!!!!!!!!! Having any troubles with it just comment on it so I can fix it.

Old- I have created a new page called LIVE TV. I am having some technical issues with LIVE TV, so I have created a new page to put all the live tv widegets on there. FOX SPORTS widget and LIVE TV widget doesnt work so we will put, ESPN, CNN, etc. on there. ENJOY UR LIVE TV!!!

Old- Added a new page! Games. Because I did get a comment saying to seperate the games to make it more organized, so as my policy respect the people and reply immediatly and I actually do agree.



Old- Added two new games, Flash version of counter strike source and space invaders!!


Old- Added Live tv widget, comes with sky news, entertainment and arts, nascar, and sports


Old- Added new video 

Old- Games is now on separate tab than on home screen.

Old- Added a counter that will track how many people visit this site, scroll down to view popularity!!




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